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Adipurush Makers to ‘Revise’ Dialogues After Backlash


Adipurush, an upcoming film based on the Hindu epic Ramayana, has been making headlines recently due to controversy surrounding some of its dialogues. The makers of the film have decided to revise these dialogues after facing backlash from certain sections of society. In this article, we will explore ten ways to explain the situation and shed light on the importance of responsible storytelling.

Understanding Adipurush

Adipurush is a highly anticipated film that aims to bring the epic tale of Ramayana to the big screen. It features famous actors portraying iconic characters like Lord Ram and Ravana. The film’s objective is to entertain and engage audiences while staying true to the essence of the epic.

Dialogues and their Impact

Dialogues play a crucial role in any film, shaping the characters, their motivations, and the overall narrative. When it comes to a project like Adipurush, dialogues carry even more weight as they represent the iconic characters of Ramayana. Well-written dialogues can enhance the storytelling experience, but poorly crafted ones can lead to controversy and backlash.

The Backlash

After the release of the teaser and a few snippets of dialogues from Adipurush, some individuals and groups expressed their concerns about certain dialogues that they felt were disrespectful towards religious sentiments. The backlash gained significant attention in both mainstream media and social media platforms.

Responding to Feedback

The filmmakers of Adipurush took note of the concerns raised by various groups and individuals. They acknowledged the importance of respecting religious sentiments and decided to revise the controversial dialogues. This move showcases their willingness to listen and adapt to audience feedback.

The Importance of Responsible Storytelling

Adipurush’s dialogue controversy highlights the significance of responsible storytelling. Filmmakers have a responsibility to handle sensitive subjects and religious narratives with utmost care. It is crucial to strike a balance between creative freedom and respecting the sentiments of diverse audiences.

Contextualizing the Dialogues

Dialogues in movies often need to be understood within the context of the larger narrative. While some lines might seem controversial when taken out of context, they might make more sense and align with the story when viewed in the proper setting. This aspect should be considered while evaluating the dialogues in Adipurush.

Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity is vital when adapting religious stories for the screen. The filmmakers must ensure that they do not inadvertently hurt the sentiments of any particular group. By revising the dialogues, the Adipurush team is demonstrating its commitment to maintaining cultural sensitivity.

Engaging with Stakeholders

The Adipurush team has engaged in dialogues with various stakeholders, including religious leaders, community representatives, and experts in mythology. This collaborative approach allows for a better understanding of the concerns and facilitates a more inclusive storytelling process.

Balancing Creativity and Sensitivity

Maintaining a balance between creativity and sensitivity is essential for any film that deals with religious or mythological themes. It is a challenging task to captivate audiences while staying true to the source material and respecting diverse beliefs. Adipurush’s makers are striving to achieve this balance through dialogue revisions.

Learning from the Experience

The controversy surrounding Adipurush serves as a learning opportunity for filmmakers, encouraging them to be more mindful of their storytelling choices. By reflecting on the feedback received and making necessary revisions, the filmmakers are actively adapting their approach to ensure a more inclusive and respectful portrayal.


The decision of the Adipurush makers to revise the controversial dialogues following the backlash showcases their commitment to responsible storytelling. It also highlights the significance of maintaining cultural sensitivity and engaging with diverse perspectives.

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