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Arittapatti Biodiversity Heritage Site is Tamil Nadu

With the Arittapatti Biodiversity Legacy Site, another jewel got added to the universe of preservation. A sum of 193.215 hectares of land spread across the towns of Arittapatti and Meenakshipuram in the locale of Madurai in Tamil Nadu was told as Arittapatti Biodiversity Legacy Site under the Organic Variety Demonstration of 2002.

With this new expansion, presently India has 19 biodiversity legacy destinations.

What makes Arittapatti town significant?

There are a few attractions in Arittapatti town however the most outstanding geological element is the chain of seven desolate rock hillocks. This rough scene shockingly upholds a sum of 72 lakes, 200 regular springs and three really look at dams. One of these lakes, Anaikondan Lake, traces all the way back to the sixteenth century Pandya realm.

Aside from these stone hillocks, Arittapatti Town is likewise home to various massive designs, rock-cut sanctuaries that are 2,200 years of age, a few Tamil-Brahmi engravings, and an extremely rich populace and fauna and avifauna. The locale has around 250 types of birds which incorporates three lead raptor species: Laggar hawk, shaheen bird of prey and bonelli’s falcon. The district likewise has imperiled creature species, for example, slim loris, Indian pangolin and python.

What are Biodiversity Heritage Sites?

Biodiversity legacy destinations are organic regions with novel and environmentally delicate biological systems involving intriguing and undermined species. These sorts of regions are normally home to significant species that are endemic or imperiled as well as be either cornerstone species, leader species or umbrella species.

The District Forest Officer S. Gurusamy Dabbala said notifying an area as a biodiversity heritage site would help in protecting its rich and exclusive ecosystem

An order issued by Supriya Sahu, Additional Chief Secretary, Environment, Forests and Climate Change said, the declaration of the site, has been made under the Section 37 of the Biological Diversity Act, 2002.

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