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Bali’s most Exciting Diving Spots for Water Sports Lovers

Bali’s most thrilling plunging spots for water sports sweethearts!

Bali is presumably one of the most sought-after island objections on the planet! The spot is truly a reach among water sports sweethearts who appreciate scuba jumping and swimming. The spot is overflowing with fascinating plunging choices like Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Padang Bai, to give some examples.

Here we have examined a rundown of probably the best jumping spots in Bali:

Seraya Secrets, Tulamben

Seraya Secrets is an outright enjoyment for jumpers and picture takers. This is the best spot for spotting ocean slugs (doughnut) and the dazzling harlequin shrimp. One could likewise recognize frogfish, panther and moray eels.

Manta Point, Nuda Penida

Those keen on manta beams, this is the best spot in Bali. The jump is simple here as the water is shallow. One can undoubtedly see various manta beams in 5 m profound water. The spot is open for swimmers also.

Mangrove, Nusa Lembongan

For the people who appreciate strong plunges, Mangrove area in Nusa Lembongan is the best spot. Experienced jumpers from everywhere the world try to visit the spot.

Mandarin Point, Pemuteran
This spot is ideal for a dusk plunge. It gets very heartfelt here and one can detect bright fish in the sea. The mandarin fish in the sea life as couples forever.

Freedom wreck, Tulamben

This was essentially an American freight transport that was sunk here during WWII. Yet, today, this is one of the most conspicuous and available wreck plunging destinations on the planet. It’s an ideal plunging spot for guests as its shallowest point starts at 5 m profound.

Precious stone Bay, Nusa Penida

Here you can recognize maritime sunfish (mola) when the temperature is great among July and September. The spot is very well known among jumpers and as the water here stays colder than some other spots in Bali, a 5 mm wetsuit is suggested.

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