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Be a part of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, India’s largest multicultural festival

The annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (February 4-12) is back and we are all excited about it. It is, point of fact, quite possibly of India’s biggest multicultural celebration.

Could we at any point call the Kala Ghoda Expressions Celebration a road celebration? Obviously we can! What’s more, here’s the reason.
The Kala Ghoda Expressions Celebration gives life to workmanship and everything imaginative and brings them out to the overall population in the most vivid and lively ways. The yearly celebration is commended with an extraordinary pageantry and show.

The Kala Ghoda region got its name from the old sculpture of Lord Edward VII, which was a piece of the old Esplanade Street. The sculpture is a distant memory now however the name remains. The region, as of now, is a clamoring social center. Establishments like the Jehangir Workmanship Exhibition, Max Mueller Bhavan, Bombay College. Ruler of Ribs Historical center, Public Display of Present day Workmanship, Establishment of Science, Bombay Regular History Society, Elphinstone School and the famous David Sassoon Library, call the area home.

Aside from these notable establishments, there are a few fun bistros and home base zones around this area. It’s nothing unexpected that a multicultural celebration like the Kala Ghoda Expressions Celebration happens here.

The Kala Ghoda Expressions Celebration will have segments like Kids (fun and imaginative zone for youngsters), Film (theaters and communication with the Bollywood’s large names), Dance (India’s conventional dance structures), Food (masterchef studios), Legacy Strolls (organized strolls for 9 days), Writing (occasion at the David Sassoon Library), Music (famous specialists to society performers) to give some examples.

There’s something for everybody at the Kala Ghoda Expressions Celebration. Could it be said that you are available?

Apart from the entertaining pursuits of art and education, the area also offers a host of famous city restaurants and cafes, along with art galleries, designer boutiques, and many culturerelated activities and venues – the most popular one being the annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, where many artistes, performers and craftspersons gather every February.

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