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‘Draupadi not my original name..,’ says new president

Draupadi Murmu, who took oath as the president, she told a magazine that her name was not always ‘Draupadi’ and that it was change by her school teacher.

Wearing a white saree with green-and-red line, Draupadi Murmu took oath as the 15th President of India on Monday. The principal ancestral pioneer to turn into the head of state, Murmu uncovered that her most memorable name ‘Draupadi’ – in light of a person from the legendary ‘Mahabharata’ – isn’t her unique name. The name ‘Draupadi’, in fact, was given by her teacher.

In a meeting with an Odia video magazine, Murmu said her Santhali name is ‘Puti’ and that it had been changed to ‘Draupadi’ by a teacher ‘for good’.

“Draupadi was not my unique name. It was given by my instructor who hailed from another region, not from my local Mayurbhanj,” Murmu said, as cited by news organization PTI.

Teachers in the tribal-dominated Mayurbanjh district used to travel from either Balasore or Cuttack in the 1960s, she told the magazine.

“The teacher could have done without my past name and transformed it for good,” Murmu said, adding her name had been changed a few times – from ‘Durpadi’ to ‘Dorpdi’ and different varieties.

Names don’t pass on in Santhali culture, Murmu said in the meeting. “In the event that a young lady is conceived, she takes the name of her grandma, while a child conveys his granddad’s terminology.”

Draupadi Murmu likewise said her last name had been ‘Tudu’ in schools and universities, and that she began utilizing the title ‘Murmu’ after her union with Shyam Charan Tudu, a bank official.

Murmu on Monday made vow in Hindi to ‘safeguard, secure and protect the Constitution and the law’. The swearing-in function was set apart by pageantry and glory.

It started with the appearance of two presidents – the active Ram Nath Kovind and the approaching Draupadi Murmu – in a parade from Rashtrapati Bhavan to the Parliament building. After the short service, Murmu and Kovind were accompanied out of the Central Hall in the midst of the roll of drums and blowing of trumpets.

She was given a 21-gun salute after which she signed the oath register amid a thunderous applause and thumping of desks. At the forecourt of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the new President then inspected the tri-services guard of honour.

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