Future technologies. People are cyborgs. To be or not to be?


What makes a person a person? Is man really the highest stage of evolution? Can artificial intelligence push us into the background? Is it possible to talk about the decline of human culture against the backdrop of the development of the technological process?

The moral and philosophical problems associated with the development of artificial intelligence can be traced back to Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel. “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, referenced by the developers of Ultiverse. The novel tells the story of a “hunter” who is on the hunt for androids — creatures almost indistinguishable from humans, outlawed on Earth. Ultiverse is the best embodiment of what science fiction writers wrote about in their books.

Game idea…

The idea of ​​using currency in the game is not new. At the beginning of the game, they earned coins, gold rings, bought armor for the characters. Only in 2016 did the symbiosis of cryptocurrency and a computer game first appear. Players have the option to buy games with bitcoins. But this is only the beginning of a big industry, it was necessary to find the best way to integrate this.

What do we have now? games where you can earn money! Yes, yes, this is not a myth, these are the realities of today.

Virtual life — the metauniverse unites billions of people from different countries and nationalities! Ultiverse is a game creation project, the developers aim to create a metaverse in which mutually beneficial relationships between characters will be encouraged.

Why did Ultiverse grab my attention?

1. This is a game where you can definitely earn (even without NFT)

2. The MetaFi project combines the game, NFT and social. networks.

3. A team of more than 100 experienced developers is working on the project.

4. The game will allow you to embed your NFTs in the virtual world.

5. There will be three factions in the game interacting with each other and within factions.

6. All NFT characters are interconnected and have their own history.

7. An interesting idea with getting ow and roles.

I think that Ultiverse is the project that will be able to realize the full potential of cryptocurrency in the gaming industry!


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