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Here’s the reason Madhya Pradesh’s Mandu is an architectural marvel

When we talk about forts or royal residences, it’s easy to think about Rajasthan. However, we are hanging around for an old city which isn’t in that frame of mind in Madhya Pradesh. Situated in Dhar locale, in the Malwa and Nimar area, is the humble community of Mandav or the past Mandu.

This antiquated city is most popular for its terrific and immortal design. Found roughly 100 km from the city of Indore, Mandu is a fast and fun escape for those keen on immortal engineering.

According to old engravings, at some point around sixth 100 years, Mandu was a clamoring town.
The present-day town of Mandav’s left of the recent town of Mandu. A few rulers traveled every which way, from the Paramaras to the Delhi Sultanate and the Ghuri Line, Mandu was a leaned toward seat of these realms. What’s more, we can see the reason why.

Roosted on the grand Vindhya Reach, ignoring the Malwa Level and the Narmada stream valley, Mandu partook in an essential position.
When in Mandu, one can’t resist the urge to see the 37 km battlemented wall with 12 doors put in essential spots. They were really focused on being a tactical station!

The wall incorporates a few fortresses and castles, repositories, mosques and sanctuaries. Probably the most striking ones are Roopmati’s Structure, Baz Bahadur’s Castle, Rewa Kund, Jami Masjid, Shri Mandavagadh Teerth (Jain Sanctuary), Hoshang Shah’s Burial place (India’s most memorable marble structure), Jahaz Mahal (the setting for the well known Mandu Celebration – January 7-11), Hindola Mahal, and the 12 darwazas accentuating the 37 km wall. To arrive at Mandu, you should go through a few of these darwazas.
What a dazzling military station it probably been during its prime! These remnants of the realms past will take you back in time.

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