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How to Stop Daydreaming and Start Living Your Life

It sure feels good to daydream we can build beautiful houses,
we can fly in open mountain,
imagine thousands of outstanding successes and adventures, but it all goes
on just in our minds.

How to stop daydreaming and start living

whether any work is done by ourselves or natural form, we cannot
change it completely at one time, it depends on the day to day work
Work of our life and nothing goes away as we daydream, and at some point, there is no other option than to face your reality, deal with the issues you need to deal with, and start walking towards the life you imagine for yourself the life you can have for real.

We have to keep busy to stay away from the fantasy world,

Take steps toward your Goals.
Turn your daydream in real life.
keep Working.
Keep Meditation.
Keep Walking with friends.
Love the Animals.
Experience the new things.
Study Books.
Play With Friends.

Always do what keeps you from daydreaming.

Someday never comes

I Believe that every day is the best day to Start Something new,

Start day to day or should it be next week? Maybe next month?

The Such Is there is no perfect time for a change. If you’re waiting for ‘the right day for a new start, beware: it may never come. we know that our excuse are main reason to failure.
So don’t wait for perfect time day if you want to stop daydreaming so much, start something now.

Remember: it’s okay if you didn’t have a perfect start or if you did less than you planned to. The important thing is you did something.

Think of today

Today is the best day to start something new don’t be afraid from difficulties,
To Stop the daydreaming and thinking about thousand of theoretical things that
might occur, concentrate on your day.

Life is full of new beginnings.

Try new things.
Don’t be afraid to fail.
Talk to strangers.
Write a personal mission statement.
Don’t try to fit in.
Don’t confuse having an opinion with having a thought.
Deal with the difficulties.
Don’t be afraid negative people.
Believe that to win.
Imaging the best.
Believe that you are best.

The main treatment for maladaptive daydreaming is mental health therapy (psychotherapy). Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most common types of therapy for conditions like OCD, anxiety, depression and dissociative disorders

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