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Langza: Spiti’s amazing fossil town is a neglected diamond in the Himalayas!

Langza is an odd, beautiful and somewhat neglected town in Spiti Valley. Very few know about the way that this shocking Himalayan village is wealthy in fossils of marine creatures and plants. Arranged at an elevation of 4400 m, in the past Langza (Spiti) was lowered under the Tethys Ocean, nearly a long period of time back!
Fascinating right? Peruse to find out about this entrancing town:

Where is Langza found?

The little town of Langza is set at the foundation of Chau Kang Nilda mountain, otherwise called the Princess Mountain. The pretty Spitian villa is set on two slopes and is separated into upper and lower parts. Throughout the course of recent years, Langza has acquired prevalence among unique explorers for horde reasons, one being the intriguing fossil town.

The fossil association

When in Spiti, assuming you travel in the mountains around Langza and Hikkim, you’ll end up encompassed with some staggering, uncommon and a long period of time old ocean fossils, which are very much covered under immense large rocks. There’s a Chaudua Center (nearby name for fossil) that one can visit and find out about such fossils.
Various individuals who figured out the worth of these year-old fossils, got gathering and offering going these pieces at modest rates to travelers. Because of this, a couple of years back, the Himalayan Pradesh government restricted the offer of marine fossils to vacationers visiting Spiti Valley.

In the event that you at any point visit the spot, you’ll find marine fossils being sold in the slopes close to Komic, Hikkim and Langza towns at rates as low as INR 50 to INR 5000! These normal fossils incorporate coral reefs of the Triassic time frame, matured somewhere in the range of 250 and 199 million years, and ammonoids of the Triassic-Jurassic time frame additionally 199 and 145 million years of age! The offer obviously isn’t supportable or environmentally determined.

Geologists accept that these fossils are a lot more established than the powerful Himalayas and a great deal of examination has been finished on these very mind blowing fossils.
In the event that this has you entranced, now is the right time to design an outing to Spiti Valley. Langza can be effectively gotten to from Kaza, the primary town and settle of Spiti, and individuals either journey or drive to it.

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