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Longwa Village, where occupants appreciate double citizenship of India and Myanmar

Quite a while back, when my flatmate originally let me know that there’s a town in her locale, Mon, in Nagaland, where you can sit in the town boss’ kitchen and mess around with India and Myanmar, I took a gander at her in dismay and for clear reasons. I found it entertaining in light of the fact that I didn’t trust it then, yet presently I do. The far off town of Longwa in Mon region in Nagaland is one fascinating spot we as a whole need to visit no less than once in the course of our life. In Longwa, you can be in India and Myanmar simultaneously!

Longwa is effectively quite possibly of the biggest town in the locale, and the town boss or the Angh is the ruler here. However, what’s most intriguing about this spot is the way that the worldwide boundary that isolates India and Myanmar runs directly through the Angh’s home! My companion’s words checked out when I saw the chance of messing with the global boundary. No big surprise the inhabitants of Longwa town have double citizenship.

An occupant of Longwa town can wander unreservedly in the two India and Myanmar

Longwa’s Angh is one of the seven Anghs inside Mon region. The Anghs practice command over various more modest towns, some of which lay in Mon, Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar. Together they have serious areas of strength for exceptionally, customary and social relations.

Before we go any further, it ought to be evident that the occupants of Longwa town have a place with the Konyak Naga clan, the remainder of the talent scouts in India. The act of scouting meant a lot to the Konyak clan. At the point when rival clans battled, whichever clan won, brought back home the tops of their foes as a token of force, may, success and in all honesty, ripeness. This custom finished in around 1960.

The rich culture and custom of the Konyak Nagas carry numerous sightseers to Mon region. Also, Longwa is one of the towns generally visited by explorers, who are interested to find out about the Naga culture and customs, and to witness firsthand how the occupants of this distant town appreciate double citizenship like it’s no one’s business.

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