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National Geo-Heritage monument in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh?

Located in the Tirumala Hills, near the Chakra Teertham waterbody in Tirupati district is the Silathoranam or the Natural Arch, a notified National Geo-heritage Monument. It is one of the most popular natural tourist sites in Andhra Pradesh. Silathoranam literally means a garland of rocks, and it is so called because of the naturally formed arch measuring eight metres in width and three metres in height. This 2.5 million-year-old natural structure is the result of natural weathering.

Thinking back to the 1980s, there was a progression of uncovering work, as a piece of land studies, in the Tirumala Slopes. It was during one such investigation that this regular curve was found. What’s more, from that point onward, this site has caught the interest of a large number. Obviously, this kind of normal development is an interesting sight to see.

Obviously one can see that this is framed by extreme enduring and disintegration throughout the long term. In geographical terms, this kind of uncommon topographical development is called Eparchaean Unconformity.

Strangely, the Normal Curve is additionally connected to folklore. This might be on the grounds that the curve is situated in the well known Tirumala Slopes which is home to the renowned sanctuary of Ruler Venkateswara or Master Balaji or Vishnu. There are three known forms of how this normal curve might have a heavenly association.

First and foremost, individuals accept that the curve some way or another looks like the hood of a snake, a conch and a chakra or a plate. These are significant images of love in Hinduism. It is likewise accepted that the site might have been the wellspring of the icon of Master Balaji. According to the second adaptation of the folklore, the level of the curve is equivalent to the level of the primary god of the Tirumala sanctuary. What’s more, the third form says that the site of the regular curve is where Master Balaji or Vishnu ventured next in the wake of putting his initial step at Sreevaripadalu, the most elevated place of Tirumala Slopes.

Intriguing stories, right?
The heavenly association might be valid, however what’s actual is that this regular arrangement looks delightful and there aren’t that many curves like this one on the planet.

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