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Staying in Touch with Long-Distance Friends

Friendship- A true friend has some qualities such as :  they never bad mouth their friends to anyone, they never talk about you behind your back, never leave you alone in a trouble, never argue on pointless things, never take advantage of your circumstances, etc.

As Time goes by our School time friends or Fellow alumni move to
Different cities and everyone with their Dreams,

Continue Shared Interests

I Love my Friend i have best Friend i consider him like my family member
we are far away from each other,
we Keep Sending interesting things to keep our conversation going.
i always act like a child for his love and We believe that always speak truth, and
This is what strengthens our relationship.
We are far apart but we have been talking to each. other we make new friend
so that we can enjoy our present life, so that we Can’t live together for whole life
but we can support for lifetime,
sometime we talk about our funny moments our past that makes me happy and feel
what a beautiful day that has passed and we Share funny jokes ,funny video, memes and
These things keep us very close to each other,

Make sure that you continue to share a love for whatever connected you in the first place and talk about them often.

 Keep an open mind

Open minded people often doesn’t cares to be right or wrong they care about being understood by their partner, friends, family, society, etc. There’s no wrong or right in everything, sometimes it’s about understanding. Open minded people are often care free, but this doesn’t works everytime. Having a relaxed mind is better than having a care free find because people with care free minds often lead to carelessness, it is better to care for your priorities and have a healthy and relaxed mind and enjoy things, but having a growth mindset is a must.
Not caring about what is wrong and what is right cannot be long term approach for the whole life, there has to exist a balance between right and wrong and able to understand others and trying to make others understand you. When we don’t care about right and wrong we often lead to making bad decisions in life.
Me and my friend we often have a long discussion with each other whenever we think that someone is doing something wrong amongst us.

Some characteristics of being open minded —

  • Be curious to hear what others think
  • Be courageous enough to challenge other’s ideas but not everytime, respect their ideas if they make sense
  • Be humble about other’s knowledge
  • Always talk to people around you
  • Always feel free to love others, poor, rich, old, young, animals, etc.
    Always be positive, have a positive approach towards things
  • Always make others happy.

Visit Each Other

Some times You can’t spend a weekend with your best friend without a fun night out, and we all know getting ready together is the best part, so do one at your current place like you did in the old days.

One important part of staying close with your bestfriend is including him in your everyday life ,
make funny moments talking of interesting future plans.

It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, we should
Meet once in a year,

Save for a Future Trip Together

You’ve probably talked about going on a friends trip, but never made the time to plan for it, financially or otherwise.

You know every day i tell my friends for future trip but due to financial problem
we are not able to do it now.
But we’re sure that one day we’ll make our dreams com true and get the best moments in our life,

some best plan for trip with my Bestfriends.

  1. Going to Gujarat Village In India.
  2. Antarctica experience.
  3. cruise travel experience.
  4. Skydiving experience.
  5. Deep Water experience
  6. Japanese Villages Tour

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