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These offbeat countries offering VISA-on-arrival to India

Did you know these offbeat nations offer visa on arrival to Indian travellers?
You can make 2023 per year of movement, particularly since the Coronavirus laziness over the movement business has lifted. Obviously, for a speedy worldwide excursion, the solace of visa-on-appearance is an additional bait. While various popular nations, like Indonesia, have been drawing Indian guests for a really long time, now is the right time to go unique.

Here, TimesTravel has picked the most strange countries that give visa on appearance to Indian sightseers; read the story to know every one of the subtleties and to design another year brimming with movement.


Tanzania, perhaps of Africa’s most lovely nation, is likewise home to the generally renowned Serengeti Public Park and the exceptionally gorgeous Kilimanjaro Public Park. It’s typically taken as one of the world’s most colorful objections, and the incredible love of untamed life sweethearts. Assuming you are searching for a spot that is surprisingly strange, Tanzania ought to get the job done.

Bolivia – Visa on arrival (90 days)

A South American miracle, Bolivia is a shock of sorts. Assuming you are an Indian identification holder and are searching for an intriguing country that additionally offers visa-on-appearance, this could be it. Among its numerous attractions is Salar de Uyuni, the world’s biggest salt level, and Lake Titicaca. The delightful Andes are likewise an incredible sight here; pick Bolivia for an alternate social encounter too.


Notwithstanding its visa on appearance strategy for Indian identification holders, Jordan is an enjoyment for voyagers. The country is home to old urban communities, lovely remnants, beautiful sea shores and one of the world’s most heavenly cuisines(!). At the point when here, Petra, the Rose City, is a must-visit. Our statement, a delightful country for those affection enchanting scenes, warm individuals and an encounter dissimilar to some other.

Samoa – Visa on arrival (60 days)

Samoa is a gathering of dazzling islands, and is accepted to be the origin of Samoan culture. Its perfectly clear waters, lively marine life, charming swimming openings, rich rainforests and cascades, it’s perhaps of the most strange yet shocking country in the locale, likewise offering visa on appearance to Indian voyagers.

Mongolia – Visa on arrival (30 days)

Mongolia is a spot that is straight off your most stunning travel dreams. Delightfully wild, Mongolia will draw you with its scenes and will take you near the traveling way of life that is still practically speaking here. From the renowned Gobi Desert to high-height lakes, Mongolia has everything. Additionally, the additional bait of visa-on=arrival for Indian travelers.

Palau – Visa on arrival (30 days)

A shocking archipelago of north of 500 islands, Palau is perhaps of the most odd country that likewise offers Indian voyagers visa-on-appearance. In the event that a warm, radiant, ocean side occasion is at the forefront of your thoughts for 2023 travel list of must-dos, pick Palau. It’s one of the world’s most adored plunging objections and ought to be visited on the off chance that you like enjoying watersports.

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