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Top 5 best databases for mobile app

There is a plenty of iOS databases and Android databases that help with creating best in class applications. We have listed some of the best mobile databases to help select the right one per the mobile app’s requirements.

MongoDB Realm:

The main role of this data set is to fabricate and scale the versatile application in a partnered and easy way. Furthermore, this data set is a completely overseen backend administration that makes top of the line disconnected versatile applications. It then, at that point, spans the information and data between the cloud and Domain versatile data set.


If your mobile application is subjected to a large amount of data daily, Elasticsearch must be your mobile app database. Its USP is to fetch faster results from a large bucket of inventory items without any lag in the process. Furthermore, it is profusely used as a distributed text search engine. Its quality to fetch faster results assists the mobile app in working with large datasets efficiently in real-time.


The feature that differentiates Neo4j from the rest of the mobile app databases is its native graph database. The native graph allows the database to deliver excellent performances and maintain the data relationships. In addition, the database is helpful for skilled mobile app developers as it renders in-depth analysis for deeper context and fast resolving of queries.


It is a multi-threaded cache system that is distributed. The primary purpose of Memcached is to cache the objects, eventually lessening the load on the database. Also, with less database load, the overall processing speed of the application increases.


Couchbase is known for loaning incredible iOS data sets to versatile applications as it is a finished stack NoSQL information base. It likewise upholds disconnected synchronization to the applications, inquiry abilities, and full Muck. What’s more, the Couchbase versatile application data set can run locally on gadgets.

How to Choose a Database for Your Mobile Apps?

Now that you know the most common portable application data sets on the planet and their benefits, the time has come to see the strategies that will assist you with picking the right one. These fundamental contemplations would help with understanding the versatile application improvement necessities and handling the choice on that premise.

Storage and size of the data

Complete knowledge about the data size is an important criterion that helps in selecting the correct mobile app database. Data size relates to the amount of information the mobile app must store and retrieve. It would also include some critical information necessary for the mobile app to function in an organized way.

It is likewise vital for the business people to comprehend that can be put away in the application without adversely affecting its capabilities relying upon various factors,such as:

Structure of the data

Vendor-specific optimization

Parting the data across different files

Structure of the Data

Entrepreneurs should understand that different mobile applications are built on other app development frameworks. A strong framework will streamline the mobile app solution allowing the app to deliver better results. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what the role of data structure is and how it can be retrieved during app development.

It is necessary to have an appropriate mobile app database as if there is a mismatch, the app will face glaring hurdles in the long run. Misalignment in the database would also cause delays in the development process and make the entire process inefficient.

The data structure of the mobile app is dependent on its overall functionality. Therefore, it is necessary to align the data structure and app requirements for the application’s smooth functioning.

App Database and Platform Support

With different well known stages accessible, the course of application sending off has presently not stayed a direct interaction. The various stages will help the application to arrive at the main interest group and upgrade the client experience in natural ways.

The portable application information base will likewise shift if the application is risen above from cell phones and arrive at IoT and wearables. In addition, the business visionary should make certain about the idea of the application that will decide its starting stage. The application can be sent off on one or different media, different gadgets, and so forth.

Prior to settling the application sending off process, care ought to be taken about its future development. This is since, in such a case that the business visionary has a specialty crowd at the top of the priority list, they will focus on a solitary stage. Then again, assuming that the development plans are critical, the size of application sending off could change.

Speed and Scalability of the Mobile App Database

App scalability is by far the most crucial factor that helps in deciding the mobile app database. Business organizations who wish to increase the capacity of their app by adding new features must take note of the scalability of the mobile app database before finalizing it.

Also, if there are constant updates in the future, the app’s database engine will have to be more efficient. In addition, whether it is an iOS database or Android, it must be able to utilize all resources and handle different processes simultaneously.

Rectifying the data conflicts between devices

On the off chance that the portable application changes comparative information on different gadgets, there may be a circumstance where there can be clashes. Subsequently, prior to concluding the data set, ensure that it can determine the issues with the assistance of a help instrument.

The adaptability a versatile application data set shows in compromise should turn into a powerful measuring stick in its choice. The present day application data sets these days are furnished with mechanized struggle settling procedures. It is done basically utilizing an outer framework through the cloud or human mediation.

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