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Which Yoga Class Is Best for Burning Calories?

Yoga – a fix for (nearly) every one of life’s concerns. It diminishes pressure, further develops adaptability, conditions the muscles, and carries clearness to the brain. To the yogi, the psyche body relationship of the discipline might hold considerably more importance than straightforward weight reduction, however for those beginning or truly hoping to work on their constitution, finding a class the offers the biggest number of calories copied during yoga is first spot on the list.

Calories – class by class

No doubt, yoga is a full-body exercise, and you’ll draw in muscles you never realized you had, yet which type is best for you? From Vinyasa to Hatha, Ashtanga to Bikram, it’s difficult to tell where to begin, so let us separate it for you.


This is exemplary yoga. At the point when somebody discusses yoga, what they most likely mean is Hatha. In present day utilization, it covers an extensive variety of general yoga stances (asanas) and breathing activities (pranayama). The term isn’t quite certain, so what you ought to anticipate from a Hatha class will shift in view of the studio you pick.

Hatha provides an excellent workout full of stretches and pose-holding but isn’t as strenuous as some other types.

Average calories burned per 1-hour class: 175 – 298 calories

Vinyasa (aka flow yoga)

Some of the time called stream yoga, Vinyasa, as Hatha, depicts an assortment of yoga developments. In Vinyasa, dissimilar to Hatha, specialists stream from one development straightforwardly into another and join them with breathing strategies.

The consistent development makes it more calorie-consuming effective, and for a fledgling, this yoga class might be ideally suited for those hoping to consume calories without a lot of stress on their framework.

Average calories burned per 1-hour class: 550 calories

Ashtanga (aka power yoga)

With a name that signifies “eight-limbed yoga” it’s nothing unexpected that Ashtanga is otherwise called power yoga. In an Ashtanga class, you’ll be moving relentless through different postures, like the act of Vinyasa, and consolidating them with breathing methods.

A power yoga exercise that will leave you with bunches of consumed calories. Its ceaseless quick moving stream implies steady movement, which is great on the off chance that weight reduction is your objective.

Average calories burned per 1-hour class: 450 – 600 calories

Bikram (aka hot yoga)

Similar to Hatha, Bikram yoga is a progression of 26 stances joined with two breathing activities. What puts it beside different sorts is that this kind of yoga is acted in a warmed room. This is said to work on the impacts of the method by augmenting detoxification and establish an environment like the environment of India.

You might have heard the bits of gossip about the alleged advantages of hot yoga and the calories consumed, however does it satisfy hopes? Furthermore, what number of calories could you at any point hope to consume in a 1-hour hot yoga class?

Sadly, there’s little proof to help guarantees that doing yoga in a hot room will lead you to consume any extra calories. Indeed, you’ll perspire more, however you’ll likewise should be extra mindful so as to ensure you’re appropriately hydrated. In any case, Bikram gives a good exercise and moderate calorie misfortune.

Average calories burned per 1-hour class: 330 – 470 calories


Not explicitly connected with calorie consuming, Iyengar yoga puts center around posture, situation, and body arrangement. Ideal for extending sore muscles or getting ready for different kinds of activity. Iyengar can be the ideal backup with its capacity upgrading your stance and accordingly bring down your gamble of injury.

Despite the fact that Iyengar is definitely not an immense calorie-burner, don’t exclude it – your appendages will thank you later.

Average calories burned per 1-hour class: 175 calories

Our Yoga Calorie Calculator

Everybody is a person, which is the reason the number of calories that you’ll consume in a solitary yoga class will shift in light of your wellness level, the kind of yoga – hot, power, stream, and so forth – and your beginning weight. Our yoga calories consumed mini-computer will assist with giving you a nearby gauge so you can sort out which class works for you.

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