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Why are there thousands of lingas carved on rocks at Sahasralinga?

In the period of February, when the Shalmala waterway loses its volume, there shows up on the stream bed, a shivalinga, one of the thousand that speck the region. This spot is Sahasralinga, a sacred spot for the people who love the Hindu god Shiva.
Situated around 14 km from Sirsi in Uttara Kannada in Karnataka, Sahasralinga is where you will find around 1000 shivalingas, of all shapes and sizes. The Shalmala riverbed and banks have some of these cut shivalingas.

As a voyager, this will be something intriguing to investigate in light of the fact that how frequently do you see so many cut lingas on a riverbed, for as may be obvious?
During the hour of lord Sadashivarayavarma, the leader of Sirsi Kingdom, these carvings were introduced because of the ruler’s strict convictions or there might have been a few different clarifications to it. Nobody really knows why these lingas were cut. Anything the explanation might be, these lingas probably affected individuals since till date the site is viewed as blessed. Each Maha Shivratri, individuals from all over arrive at this spot as journey.

As though the quantity of these shivalingas were sufficiently not to paralyze individuals, another fascinating reality about these carvings is that every single cutting of shivalinga has a cutting of Nandi, the bull, before it.

These lingas come in all sizes. According to the legends, these lingas used to be submerged, and the carvings were more articulated. In any case, with time and after the undeniable mileage because of the progression of water, a considerable lot of these lingas have lost their unique shape. To see these carvings in the entirety of its brilliance, make a point to visit when the stream level is low.

As far as history is concerned, there is no factual uptdate on when these lingas were carved and what was the purpose behind. If locals are to be believed, these lingas are symbols of creative energy. Moreover, they believe that water flowing over lingas will reach paddy fields and make them more fertile.

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