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Wildlife weekend getaways near Bangalore

Wildlife weekend getaways near Bangalore

Bangalore is perhaps of the best city in India. We are not saying this in light of the fact that the city is driving in the IT business, has probably the best nightlife and appreciates lovely weather conditions throughout the entire year. Bangalore is encircled by many astounding excursions, ideal for a fast drive.

On the off chance that you are a natural life fan, you are in for a truly great time on the grounds that in and around Bangalore there are a lot of extraordinary natural life stops and hold timberlands. These nature spots will give you the ideal breaks you’ve been searching for. We have handpicked probably the best natural life encounters close to Bangalore for you.

Bandipur National Park

Found roughly 235 km from Bengaluru is the Bandipur National Park, directly in the Western Ghats. The public park, truly outstanding in the nation, is home to panther, tiger, wild elephant, numerous types of deer, and various bird species. Bandipur is one of the most fascinating untamed life parks in India with different vegetation.

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is found only 25 km from the city, making it an ideal objective for a roadtrip. However Bannerghatta is a natural save, you can take a directed safari visit through the recreation area. Bannerghatta’s creature salvage focus is a must-visit. Come here to see the sloth bear, panthers, gaurs, dark buck and the best, the butterfly park. The recreation area stays shut on Tuesdays.

Nagarhole Tiger Reserve

Nagarhole National Park goes under the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is known for rich natural life biodiversity. The save woods has north of 270 types of birds and goes under the class of Important Bird Area. While you partake in the dazzling cascades and streams, look out for panthers, wild elephant, sloth bear, brilliant jackal and tiger. Nagarhole is 220 km from Bengaluru.


Roughly 245 km from Bengaluru, Kabini Reserve Forest is an incredible end of the week escape. With wonderful natural life resorts in abundance, Kabini can be your lavish escape in nature. At the point when here, you can go for wilderness safari visits, coracle rides, and nature strolls.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp is a unique nature experience you should test. Situated a ways off of 251 km from Bangalore, the Dubare Elephant Camp sits on the banks of the Cauvery waterway. It is one of the most mind-blowing highlights of Kodagu area. Watch the elephants being really focused on at the elephant camp. Who knows, you could likewise be able to give an elephant a shower!

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