Monday, September 25, 2023

Ebay and Nike reissue the iconic ‘eBay Dunk’

Online marketplace Ebay and sports giant Nike are reissuing the ‘Nike SB eBay Dunk’ to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Nike Dunk sneaker.

Ebay is unloading 10 restricted release sets of the new ‘Nike SB eBay Dunk,’ highlighting two adaptations of the first tennis shoes, which have been hued to look like the commercial center’s particular logo, to fund-raise for the Bodecker Establishment.

The tennis shoes honor the examples of the first pair, which were sliced into pieces to safeguard the worth of the other wearable pair. It was then unloaded on Ebay for a phenomenal 30,000 US dollars. The triumphant bidder’s personality was left well enough alone, yet eBay has now uncovered the champ as Sandy Bodecker, the driving force fashioner behind Nike SB. That unique pair stays in the ownership of The Bodecker Establishment.

To recognize the shoe’s set of experiences and Bodecker, Ebay is holding a global closeout for 10 restricted release skateable shoe boxes. Each container includes a gatherers recognition sets of ‘eBay Dunk’ shoes, with 1 shoe cut into pieces as a reverence to the first pair, alongside a dedicatory saw, and a couple of the 2022 Nike SB eBay Dunk discharge.

The bartering closes on December 14, in front of the general delivery in skate shops from December 15, and by means of the SNKRS application from December 17.

“Quite a while back, Sandy Bodecker set off on a mission to lay out Nike’s position in the skating scene,” said Tracker Muraira, ranking director of shoes interest at Ebay and previous Nike SB colleague in an explanation. “The eBay Dunk was a major piece of his vision, and it’s staggering that the celebrated tennis shoe is getting back in the saddle.”

Fans will get their most memorable gander at the new 2022 Nike SB eBay Dunk at SneakerCon this end of the week, which gets back to Olympia London on December 10.

Moreover, Ebay and Nike will open the debut “Skate Them Out” store in Portland, Oregon on December 9 and 10 giving sneakerheads admittance to desired SB Dunks like the SB Dunk Low Ace x Appreciative Dead “Opti Yellow,” Dunk High SB “De La Soul” and SB Dunk Low “Acrid Apple”. As additional praise to the brand’s inheritance, all SB Dunks at the Skate Them Out store will be presented at the first 2003 MSRP of 65 US dollars.

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